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TSX cams need help please

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Im interested in purchasing a set of 2006-2008 tsx intake and exhaust cams. Im new to cams, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Modifications:
-2008 Civic Si Sedan
-stock k20 engine
-Skunk2 header
-Fullrace 3" exhaust
-boomba motor mounts

my questions are:

-are tsx cams drop and go? no other engine mods needed? (aside from flashpro of course)
-how much do these cost brand new?
-whats a reputable place/website to you buy these from?
-how much do they cost to install?
-if you have a similar setup as mine, what performance gains did you make? feel free to share any dyno results
-how will these perform with a stage 2 supercharger?
-how will these perform with a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body?
-how do these cams effect fuel economy?

thanks for your help. :dance:
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this is a great thread but i still have a question..

theres no further modifications needed to get these camshafts running in the k20z3 other than taking the old camshafts out and putting these in?

my next few questions are a little off topic but still relate a little.

right now with just an invidia header and injen cai my duty on datalogs is topping off at 83 around 8300 rpms. i do plan on getting a rrc and tsx throttle body in there before the tsx cams. do i need to upgrade my injectors? and if i put rdx injectors in do i need a fuel pump? this is a daily driver too im not racing it or anything.

thanks for the help!
1 - 1 of 199 Posts
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