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TSX cams need help please

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Im interested in purchasing a set of 2006-2008 tsx intake and exhaust cams. Im new to cams, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Modifications:
-2008 Civic Si Sedan
-stock k20 engine
-Skunk2 header
-Fullrace 3" exhaust
-boomba motor mounts

my questions are:

-are tsx cams drop and go? no other engine mods needed? (aside from flashpro of course)
-how much do these cost brand new?
-whats a reputable place/website to you buy these from?
-how much do they cost to install?
-if you have a similar setup as mine, what performance gains did you make? feel free to share any dyno results
-how will these perform with a stage 2 supercharger?
-how will these perform with a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body?
-how do these cams effect fuel economy?

thanks for your help. :dance:
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Is there a DIY to install cams? Can't find one. So if someone is looking to upgrade to tsx cams then they are looking at around $600 brand new?
About $660 ish for brand new, yes.
Instead of getting the J35 throttle body, why not buy the 68mm Accord TB that's being sold by Import DPS along with their RRC? I think the whole package if $475 shipped.

It should be a good deal cheaper than the J35 and should net you almost the same gains (almost meaning + or - 1hp).
Return the NST pulleys and spend the extra money on drop in cams instead.

Will blow the TSX cams out of the water.
^^ This.

And on that note, check out the Kelfords or the Drag Cartel DICs.
^^ This. Or if the TSX cams DO gain peak HP, it is very small - something like 2HP. There's a thread on that somewhere here where a member dropped them in and did a before and after dyno - both tuned, mind you, so the comparison is more accurate than other members on this forum who have done before and after dyno comparisons.
I can say that when I did a google search of the kelford stage 1 cams (whatever the name for them is), the first link that came up was to a thread here on 8th civic, and the STOCK Si cams had better power in the low to mid range than the kelford's did.

I'm open to suggestions, all you have to do is show me why you are suggesting something over what I have said.

No need to call someone else's idea "stupid" just because it doesn't align with what you feel is correct. Like I said, show me what you mean. I'm more than willing to listen.
Check out this link, it's even got dyno numbers:

JDM Intake Manifold and Kelford Cam Install - Honda Civic - Import Tuner Magazine

Also, talk to h0ndafanat1c, Full Race Geoff, Rick at ImportDPS, Hugh at Evasive Motorsports - all people who either are running or have experience running Kelford cams.

They have nothing but good things to say about them in terms of power, build quality, and reliability. I was seriously thinking about the TSX cams too, but after seeing some dismal dyno numbers, I don't think they're worth the money. At least with the Kelfords, you have the choice of revving them to 9K (with the proper supporting mods and valvetrain, of course), because they keep making more power after 8000K RPM where the TSX cams die off.

I am in a similar position as my SI is my DD and I plan on keeping it basically until it dies (hopefully years from now), so reliability is important. I just think that people get way too caught up in the "OEM factor," with the TSX cams and don't really look at the dyno graphs (I'm talking about tuned before cams and tuned after cams dynos). Kelford, and other DIC cams, are priced right up there with new TSX cams, so why not give them a shot? Anyway, I'm done ranting :).
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The Si dynoed by Import Tuner with the Kelfords (tuned) made 18 hp and the RRC IM made 14 hp (tuned). The final HP figure was 243 hp. I don't know about you, but those are some darn good gains peak gains IMO. The mid-range also improved. BTW in this example the baseline I/H/E was 211.7 hp.
Yeah, I ordered the Kelfords last week. But I'm going to wait on the install for about 4-5 months. I still need to buy the RRC, J35, and RDX injectors.
that car must of been touched by Zues himself.
So you're saying that these gains are unrealistic?
Wasted money. Get FP and a set of actual cams that you will see a gain on. Just my opinion.
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