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TSX cams need help please

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Im interested in purchasing a set of 2006-2008 tsx intake and exhaust cams. Im new to cams, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Modifications:
-2008 Civic Si Sedan
-stock k20 engine
-Skunk2 header
-Fullrace 3" exhaust
-boomba motor mounts

my questions are:

-are tsx cams drop and go? no other engine mods needed? (aside from flashpro of course)
-how much do these cost brand new?
-whats a reputable place/website to you buy these from?
-how much do they cost to install?
-if you have a similar setup as mine, what performance gains did you make? feel free to share any dyno results
-how will these perform with a stage 2 supercharger?
-how will these perform with a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body?
-how do these cams effect fuel economy?

thanks for your help. :dance:
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any one know if we need to order the OEM TSX cam gears too?
Well I had my mind set on the kelford DIC before I bought your tsx cams, but if I did not have money issue I would of gotten the kelford DIC... Chris from clubs rsx made some huge power off their race cams and that power was made in Colorado were air is lacking do to highaltitude. And yes power can be found all thru 9
glxyrgeysi08 have you order your kelfords dic? i decided to go with the tsx for now and i plan on moving up to kelford after. I plan on get my other k20z3 head from a local seller soon so i can pnp it and install the kelfords at the same time but we shall see
1 - 4 of 199 Posts
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