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TSX cams need help please

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Im interested in purchasing a set of 2006-2008 tsx intake and exhaust cams. Im new to cams, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Modifications:
-2008 Civic Si Sedan
-stock k20 engine
-Skunk2 header
-Fullrace 3" exhaust
-boomba motor mounts

my questions are:

-are tsx cams drop and go? no other engine mods needed? (aside from flashpro of course)
-how much do these cost brand new?
-whats a reputable place/website to you buy these from?
-how much do they cost to install?
-if you have a similar setup as mine, what performance gains did you make? feel free to share any dyno results
-how will these perform with a stage 2 supercharger?
-how will these perform with a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body?
-how do these cams effect fuel economy?

thanks for your help. :dance:
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Power wise, the kelfords are actually going to increase your peak power.

on the low end they might be very similar in gains, but past 6k i would bet my money on kelfords making more.
Return the NST pulleys and spend the extra money on drop in cams instead.

Will blow the TSX cams out of the water.
do NOT buy new tsx cams. If you're gonna do that, you might as well purchase a drop in cam... Kelford 179-a are 650... skunk2 are around the same price...

drag cartel are 995 (exception... they're very expensive because they're billet steel)
TSX cams do not gain peak horsepower. A drop in cam will gain you peak horsepower AND midrange power.
I'm not concerned much with peak HP, considering I plan to have an ImportDPS SRI, J35 TB, RRC IM, Vibrant Header, and Go Power 3" Exhaust.

I am looking for a cam that offers good pick up in the low to mid-range, to help with daily driving. I figured this set up would be fun enough, just looking to improve the every day driveability of it, since it will eventually become my DD (hopefully not until at least next summer).
here's my beef with a decision as stupid as this.

the drop in cams gain MORE midrange than the tsx cams, and they ALSO have the benefit of top end power gains.

Be a smart fellow, if you're going to rip out cams to put new ones in, don't go with OEM ****.
That was a club rsx post. Depending on your mods you might not gain the midrange available from these cams. all cams are going to want good mods to back them up.

anyways, i would suggest either the skunk2 drop ins or the kelford 179-a's.

I will have results from mine when i get them, despite having mods that are more in line with stage 2 cams, i feel i can make significant with these cams, so we'll see.
Please post up your results on how you feel the car is once you get your tune done with the TSX cams. I am very interested to hear, as I would rather spend $300 on a set of TSX cams rather than $750+ for a set of aftermarket stage 1's.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!
You're comparing used cams to brand new aftermarket.

TSX cams new cost around 600 bucks.

The difference between an aftermarket stage 1 and TSX cams is that the aftermarket cams will have some sweet gains up top :D
i can't convince you people that these cams are worthless to spend your money on.


What's the point?
I would love for TSX cams to gain some kind of noticable power. But truthfully after talking to a couple of tuners, those 179-a's should be looking KILLER for you guys right now. They seem to make some pretty damned good power without needing a valvetrain!

It's just, I think i could justify TSX cams on an 02-04 rsx (poo poo cams) but on ours i just don't see too much benefit.
drop in cams should improve power more than tsx cams everywhere from 2000 rpms to the rev limiter.
that car must of been touched by Zues himself.
dyno tune > etune :D
eh, i wonder in what fashion it was rigged. To read high or what?
it's not that they don't do at least something. It's just that if you're going to pull the cams out and do all that work (or pay someone to do it) put something in that actually gets you some solid horsepower.
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