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TSX 06-08 & Si 06-09 Comparison

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Since I have a set of 2005 TSX (K24a2), 2009 Si (k20Z3), and 2008 TSX (K24a2) cams in my room. I might as well make a comparison for you guys. I'll will throw in Skunk2 Stage 1 cams numbers in too.

Measurement from a caliper:

2005 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.4mm
SEC: 33.4mm
VTEC: 35.14mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.1mm
SEC: 33.1mm
VTEC: 35.1mm

2009 Si K20Z3
Intake Lobes
PRI: 32.66mm
SEC: 32.82.4mm
VTEC: 35.49mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 32.65mm
SEC: 32.7mm
VTEC: 34.7mm

2008 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.42mm
SEC: 33.42mm
VTEC: 35.52mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.09mm
SEC: 33.09mm
VTEC: 35.09mm

Skunk2 Stage 1
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.9mm
SEC: 34.6mm
VTEC: 36.3mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 34.54mm
SEC: 34.54mm
VTEC: 35.62mm

Intake cam TSX vs Si (TSX VTEC lobe has more duration but about the same lift)
Left side is the Si and the right side is the TSX

Exhaust cam TSX vs Si (Si Vtec lobe has more duration but less lift)

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TSX's are like a stage 0.75 cam, and IMO the skunk2 stage 1's are more of a stage 1.5.

I think the TSX cams are a fantastic choice to people, like myself, who are on a budget, want more power and need to stay with OEMlike reliability.
I don't see how 300 bucks and 3-4 hours of your time for 10whp up top and 170wtrq is not worth it. That is just as much is not more gains than my header for less money and the same amount of time.

I think this is an even better deal than stage 2 cams that require: cams, valvetrain, valvetrain install, tuner time, tensioner, injectors. That's 20-25 whp and the same torque for around 1500 bucks more.

I have done stage 3 cams before and for the $$$ it takes you can easily run a SC kit for nearly the same price and have a chance at even more potential. I bet even RuloSi will vouch for this, and he will have the most NA stock block whp k20z3 soon as he dynos it.

I will be happy spending less than 3000 on my entire setup with an end result around 230whp and 170 trq, with flawless reliability.
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Just wait a few weeks and I will install mine and let you know.

Im expecting 10-15whp up top with the mods listed.
I wouldnt worry about blowback unless you are substantially boosted.

a 6-9psi SC kit will not get any blowback.

if you are running 12-15 on an SC or 12+ on a turbo, then maybe you need to watch your exhaust cam.

Less emissions chat, more TSX cam review!
You are confusing me Pinoy.

Use the OEM valvetrain with the TSX cams, and they will pass emissions inspections just fime.

Thats the best part about TSX cams. They are a swap in and leave mod, all positive's and no negatives.
ordered !?!? Wow, buying these through honda is 300+ per cam!

Most of us are getting both cams for that price.
I will be tsx cammed and tsx tb'd soon!
Enjoy your TB! There are many different roads to choose!
leaving it at 64.

I am sure there are gains to be had at 70mm, but not worth for us.

Our cams dont make power high enough to need the extra airflow, and you will be restricting the 70mm bigtime as our inlet on IM is only 64mm.
Thank you, but I understand from another TSX TB thread that there is an "adjustment" to make to the TSX TB itself or the car wont rev correclty in idle. If so, per definition, it's not a true bolt-on. Ufortunaletly, I'm not skilled with mechanic instalations so I dont want to undertake such job. I prefer to buy something that comes ready to use.
The TSX TB's seem to be hit or miss, some work fine, some dont. Any new TB could or could not require adjustment, and ALL TB's will need to be dyno tuned to compensate for the additional air as there are NO aftermarket maps on Hondata or Cobb that account for a new TB.

If you stricktly add a TB and go, you will run lean.

Here is the thread.

I may call on you for that next weekend Vit. I will be installing mine then.

As long as part throttle/WOT go smoothly this week.
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