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TSX 06-08 & Si 06-09 Comparison

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Since I have a set of 2005 TSX (K24a2), 2009 Si (k20Z3), and 2008 TSX (K24a2) cams in my room. I might as well make a comparison for you guys. I'll will throw in Skunk2 Stage 1 cams numbers in too.

Measurement from a caliper:

2005 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.4mm
SEC: 33.4mm
VTEC: 35.14mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.1mm
SEC: 33.1mm
VTEC: 35.1mm

2009 Si K20Z3
Intake Lobes
PRI: 32.66mm
SEC: 32.82.4mm
VTEC: 35.49mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 32.65mm
SEC: 32.7mm
VTEC: 34.7mm

2008 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.42mm
SEC: 33.42mm
VTEC: 35.52mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.09mm
SEC: 33.09mm
VTEC: 35.09mm

Skunk2 Stage 1
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.9mm
SEC: 34.6mm
VTEC: 36.3mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 34.54mm
SEC: 34.54mm
VTEC: 35.62mm

Intake cam TSX vs Si (TSX VTEC lobe has more duration but about the same lift)
Left side is the Si and the right side is the TSX

Exhaust cam TSX vs Si (Si Vtec lobe has more duration but less lift)

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It's funny that anyone that knows anything about cams agrees with me.

And I have yet to see the the TSX cams make 170wtq on anything but an inflated dynapack dyno.

And Hondata has posted the TSX cam profiles... The intake cam is not more aggressive than our stock intake cam on the VTEC lobe.
0.03mm lift on the VTEC lobe is insignificant.

toyoter91 already showed you that the TSX cams get raped just as badly by an aftermarket cam as the stock Z3 cams do. And like he pointed out, the majority of people can't swap a set of cams on their own and install cost/tuning makes the TSX cams look like a silly option when there are aftermarket cams that will out perform them everywhere in the powerband.
Let me again quote:

And it seems like putting 06 tsx cams into a 06+ Si would be a waste of time and money unless you got the cams, install + tune for free. They are so close to being the same size, I bet you the duration isn't very different either.
If you're spending money, IMO, spend it well and get cams that will guarantee power improvements every where through the powerband.
Vit, seriously. Enough with the opinions. You are quoting opinions as well.

Post the specs of the z3 cam lobes and the 06-08 tsx cam lobes together and then talk. You are using another person's opinion to strengthen your own. How about some facts!
I have yet to see any "facts" posted here aside from original cam specs, everything else is speculation and "shoulds". This is a discussion board, and part of discussion is opinion.

At least when I quote people from k20a, they are skeptics turned believers, to some extent.

Even your quoter is not as ignorant as you :facepalm:

How many times have I said not everyone has a wad of cash to burn on aftermarket cams.

For people in Cali, TSX cams will also pass the sniffer.
You'll make a believer out of me when you actually give me solid proof the cams are worth the dough. If you're doing the install and tune for free... sure they MIGHT be worth the bang for the buck. Otherwise... you're still spending a wad of cash.

People in Cali can't even run most of the GOOD performing intakes, headers, exhausts legally. Without those supporting mods any discussion about cams is irrelevant.
oh nice, so with a TSX TB you won't even need an intake manifold port match? pure bolt-on?
Pure bolt on. The inside of the TSX TB is the same size as our IM.
I can fix up your a/f for the TSX TB pretty quickly if you're running FPro.
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