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TSB for rev hang

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i need a definitive answer, is there ANY way of getting rid of this rev hang forever? i have a fully stock 06 si and plan on keeping it this way, so im having a hard time justify buying something like hondata to do this. will hondata be able to remove this? ive also seen people talking about a TSB that was issued for this problem, and i found “TSB #SB-06-052” that describes “THE ENGINE RPM DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY DROP WHEN SHIFTING GEARS, AND/OR THE VEHICLE SURGES WHEN DRIVING IN 1ST GEAR. THIS IS DUE TO A SOFTWARE CONCERN. 2006 CIVIC SI.” has anyone gone thru the dealer recently and gotten this done? is the tsb window closed? any info would help.
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Buy hondata. You will still appreciate the tune on a completely stock vehicle.
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