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So after some research i have finallly found a solution to the trunk light problem
many people have tried putting LEDs in their trunk to find out the output just isnt there
Some found Side firing Luxeon 1w immitators... they were unfortunatly not true luxeon as many people found out the hard way
I have found a POSSIBLE solution
it requires an ebay account, about 12-15 dollars, and some shipping patients
As u know LEDs use plastic to focus their flat firing light, which usually means ugly circles.... yep
or it NOT firing where u want it to
They generally use WAY less wattage per output compared to incandecent and halogen.. but are limited... (tho the tech exsists, no company makes the truly high powered LED kits [1,3,5,6Watt leds!] a project i will be undertaking in the next couple months)

In the mean time i have found a chinese vendor on Ebay with a simple quick fix... for now!

Its small as u can tell from it sitting in my hand
12 Super flux LEDs totally in a 1.7 Watt output!
The wire out the rear allows u to connect it to various pieces that come in the kit
a wedge base bulb (trunk, and many other lights in out civics)
a festoon bulb (interior lights)
and a bayonet base, all with the wire to just plug right into the wired connector on the led kit
also it comes with a small piece of double stick tape

All u need to do is plug it in and tape it down! point it where u want it
I thought it was gonna be brighter, but its still brighter than the 1W leds on ebay (they are not TRUE luxeon ones of course)
once i find a decent price i will be buying the true luxeon and creon LEDs and fabricating the different bulbs myself

This solution:
another solution thats brighter i never saw til now: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...m=200169392453&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=010

of course pics in action will come soon

A true Luxeon LED does not take kindly to dimming, it will blow out alot faster!
the EBAY one in the link above i do not believe is a Luxeon led, so ur prolly safe!

Flux LEDs have NO problem with dimming! but life as with any led may be shortened

2,869 Posts
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Ok this kit DOES NOT WORK for the dome light, sorry guys not enough room after all, but STILL WORKS for trunk light, Will be building my own kit soon! ill keep u guys updated!
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