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Uh are you sure you can't fold the seats down from outside of the trunk? I have an 07 lx coupe and i can fold the seats down by pulling this thing behind the headrest.

your box probably got stuck on one of the hinges of the trunk so thats why its not allowing it to open. like someone else said, try to drive around and take corners fast to get the box to move.

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^^^ haha at first i was like ....really....hah good thing i didnt comment and make myself look stupid....

but anyways..... I did what mr bill said...took off the cushions and took the seat backs off the pivot..and squeezed in and unlacthed the seat backs....i crawled into the trunk with a flash light and discovered the lock was broken...
i could see a spring that popped loose. soo i used a flathead and stuck it in the locking mechanism and pushed a metal latch to the right and the trunk opened....after taking off the plastic that covers the lockiing mech and messing wit the lock some ...i saw that the when i pushed the buttom ont he key and the lever by the driver seat....a plastic black lever in the lockin mech didnt hit the metal lever (the one i pushed to the right)....it was strange...but after a while i realized that the whole black thing (the thing with the trunk opening switch fromt the inside it also has the motor and the black lever that pushes the metal lever) was bent towards the front of the car....thats why it the two levers didnt connect...so i simply bent it back towards the rear...and ..............im outta my jam hah

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Civic Trunk latch stuck


Followed all of your suggestions, gave me a great place to start.

1) Take out bolt in bottom of back seat (near left center) 12mm socket.
2) Take out bottom seat (with a very small amount of force and manipulating)
3) expose hinge bolt near bottom left of back seat rest
4) remove (very long), can't remember, but I think 12 mm socket as well
5) pry brackets at hinge from left to right seat apart (so seats are no longer hooked together)
6) with a LOT of force, actually bend the back lower right seat (the smaller of the two seats) up and toward the outside of the vehicle like a can opener at the bottom corner of the seat near the hinge (where the bolt used to be).
7) As much as possible, pry the seat back and look in with a flashlight to locate the large seat release lever near the top rear of the trunk driver's side.
8) with a board nearly 2 feet long, reach in with your arm and poke the release for the large seat with the small board.
9) climb into the trunk, and there is a small release lever (manual) that is plastic (usually an off white color with the picture of the trunk of the car) and move it until the trunk opens.

Why didn't Honda give us a key on the outside for this?
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