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hello everyone,

having issues as the title says. 2nd 3rd and 4th gears are basically gone. How they went out? well beating on it and clutch slipping etc. Instead of trying to rebuild it, seems like it's more cost to rebuild it then to just buy another one with low mileage. Issue that I'm running into now is they are $1500 plus for about 100k or so miles. in the process of finding one, I started coming across the 2012-2015 Civic Si transmissions.

This transmission are going for about $1000 or less with about 10k or so miles. Sounds great. This is were I would need your guys help for closure. Can this transmission fit our 8th gens. After doing research, end less nights was only able to go so far. This was what I was able to gather up and read up on, here on 8th Gen, 9th gen, k20a forums.

1)k series bolts up to any k series.

Now that's probably true, why? well people have done k24 block swaps and still kept using the k20z3 transmission bolted up no issues.

2) 100% Interchangeable

Meaning everything instead can be swapped into the pnn3/pnn4 transmission casing ; now why is that, well while read up on this, some one had stated the axles and or diff is different because the 2.4l has more torque to deliver to the wheels so that means more beefy axles or diff.

Now if we were to just try to swap it in, will the shifter cables, mounting points work? Driver top side mounting point, mounts perfectly fine, is what I had read on forums. Bottom side it was stated it needs a bracket, and bracket for the shifter cables. They don't line up as it does in the 8th gen civic si transmission.

That's all I was able to get from the forums, and dealers that deal with transmissions for our 8th gens and 9th gens. Need some closure. Will the SY1M transmission fit and work with the k20z3 that I have?

Thanks fam.
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