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Car is boosted and making 600hp as well as being equipped with a dogbox tranny. Car currently sits on 18x9.5 with 215/35/18 . Obviously stretched and cambered tires will not get me the traction I want when it's go time. The CCW's are my daily but I need a "business" set of rims and tires to help put power to the ground . I'm thinking a 16x8.5 or 16x9 with +35 or +40 offset to fit a Nitto 255/xx/16 . I will lower and raise the car each time I switch out the wheel setup. I wanted to use a RSX-S rim(16") but feel they are too narrow to hold a 255 tire. If anyone has a 16" rim set up I would appreciate any guidance or input on this subject. Is the offset ok? Should I do a +45 ? Car has OEM brake calipers FYI.
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