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Hi my name is Tom, some on here may know me from clubcivic.com, I work for Apple honda in York PA, been there for almost 3 months, before that i worked for Hanover Honda, i was there for 5 years before taking a job at Apple honda who offered me more money and better hours, plus my drive is about a mile to work now versus driving 25 miles to work, i work for the parts department, been doing that since i started for Hanover Honda back in 2002. I've been into honda's since 1998, i've had 3 ed's, and a 2007 FiT, but now i have the American pentacle of honda Civic's, the 4dr Si, just bought it on Saturday, came fresh of the truck Friday night, gotta admit i'm glad i bought this car and waited this long to get something this nice, i'm really impressed with everything about it so far.

so since today turned out to be a decent enough day afterall, i was able to get some pics after cleaning it up, and removing the red dot off of the tires that the lot personnel couldn't even do right, and wiped a **** load of tire shine of the tires and wheels, dumbass's, anyways i hope y'all enjoy my way below prof pics, lol, leave some props if ya like.

and i love this last pic, cool ass refelction.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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