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A quick question. This was a thread on the Inside and Out Forum but the question was never really answered. Is it safe to tint the windows on a SI with NAVI? I don't want to get tinted with non-metallic tint and have it fade to purple. Anyone with a 06 SI and NAVI have this done yet and if so any problems so far. I am picking up my 06 Ralley Red with NAVI in about a month and want this to be mod #1. I think the Ralley Red with dark ass tint will = pure sex :leghump:
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Hi Canman, Now days tint in made of better material than before, ask the installer on the warranty on tint. Nav system should be alright with tint on the windows. Ask the dealer, they might know.
If you have Navigation You will want NON-METALLIC TINT. I don't think Non-metallic tint will turn purple as long as you don't use windex or amonia on it. It has been mentioned in other threads that metalic tint will have an effect on the navi. I have a navi unit and went with a non-metalic 20% tint and navi works fine.
Thanks for the responces. I had just heard that the non-metallic tint fades very easily. I will do some research at some reputable tinting shops and ask them about non-metallic tint.
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