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I believe the timing chain engines are not interference engines,someone correct me if im wrong.
No worries dusterdude but I believe quite the opposite. Virtually all automotive engines today are interference engines. They are lighter and more compact and are therefore more efficient. Fortunately, Honda uses timing chains instead of timing belts and they are supposed to last much longer and rarely if ever break but I have no hard evidence of this yet I believe this to be true. Here is a list of Interference and Non-interference engines. I cannot verify the accuracy of the list I linked to.

Did the shop take off the head? If not, how in the hell did they scope the engine. Through the spark plug hole? Seriously, how much can you see that way. Did they show you evidence of their findings. From your pictures, I see no evidence of piston contact with valve. If there was, you would see scarring on the pistons and I don't see any there or on the valves either. There is some carbon build up but I think this is normal and not a real big deal. Pistons, rings, valves and valve seats are much harder than carbon residue. If any breaks off it should just be blown out the exhaust.

I do see something on this image in the upper right along the outer edge but I can't tell what it is. You should check it out. https://www.8thcivic.com/attachments/20221120_144953_hdr-jpg.247452/

What I do not see is any clear evidence of pistons and valves crashing. Investigating this further would involve checking the connecting rods for any damage especially if they are aluminum. Aluminum does not spring back and a damaged aluminum rod will almost certainly fail at some point with catastrophic results like a big hole in your block. Crank shaft would need to be checked for straightness and any damage to the journals. This requires someone who has the right tools and knows what they are doing. I know of good crank machinists in Michigan if you are anywhere near by. Not sure if they do Hondas but I don't see why not. Not sure how valves are checked for being bent. If problems were found a full valve job might be in order. New valves, springs, guides, and machining valve seats. All this requires highly specialized expensive machines. Serdi is a top brand. If no problems were found, cylinders should probably be honed and pistons re-ringed.

So, maybe at low revs, no damage was done. So there you have it. If it was mine, I would probably slap it together and go for it. Worse that can happen is you end having to buy a used engine, maybe a low mileage JDM engine. Doing all the work I described would probably cost much more. Up to you though. And remember, I am just a self-educated shade tree mechanic. ;)

Proceed with caution. A seized engine is serious.

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