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I have an 06 Civic LX, I live in New England, I have a 30 mile commute, and we get a lot of bad weather. I'm thinking about upgrading tires. I like the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred, and I think I could get a set for $600.

I heard that these tires tend to kick off the wheel covers, so I'm also thinking about upgrading to alloy wheels. Right now I have 16" steel wheels. Can I find a decent set of 17" alloy wheels for less than $400 (as in, less than $100 per wheel)? Will they improve handling? Will they somehow make the car handle worse? Would I be better off with 16" alloy wheels? Do alloys need extra care? We have a lot of potholes up here. Am I more likely to damage an alloy than a steel wheel?

Also, would I be better off getting a refurbished set of Honda alloys from ebay?

Thank you,

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