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Every forum needs one

  • This girl I've been dating just moved to London today
  • I haven't made a beat in like 6 months
  • It's hot as **** outside
  • I'm low on gas and low on money...
  • ...Still a week till payday
  • Not stoked on the fact I made this thread because it's depressing, lol
List 'em off and we can grieve and/or make fun of each other together :wavey: haha.

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I got fired from my job for ranting back at a customer who pushed me too far and now I'm going back to work at target (argh!)

My college counselor called me yesterday to inform me my schedule wasn't gonna work out and now I have to redo it, and the classes I want will most likely be taken by now.

I have that 'beautiful girls' song stuck in my head

I have to go to work from 1.30 to 11 today

I put a big dent in my car door a few days ago, luckily it's on the inside of the frame.

I'll add more later since I have quite a few (natural born complainer right here) but I have to head off to work.
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