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Ferrari F50 GT1. Only 3 were ever produced. Some stats on the car:

-750 HP at 10,500 RPMs
-Sequential gear box
-Carbon Fiber chassis
-1800 lbs (without water and oil, 2000 lbs with)
-Carbon rotors
-0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds
-235 MPH top speed
-Value easily in the 2+ million dollar range

The cars were built to compete at LeMans but the project was axed before the cars ever got a chance to prove themselves.


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How to make my night AMAZING.

1.) Right click, save as: http://www.nsxfiles.com/images/f50_fontana_part2_final_rev2.wmv
2.) Save to folder "360 Stuff."
3.) Turn on Xbox 360.
4.) Thanks to Media Center, stream file through the 360.
5.) Listen to the F50 GT1 through surround sound, volume turned up so loud my girlfriend (who was in the shower) stops shower, screams at me to turn it down because she can't hear herself in the shower.
6.) Have the biggest ****-eating grin possible.

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They're both GT1 class cars, so they can be compared. Doesn't matter though. The F50 GT1 will stomp it. The C6R weighs almost 500lbs more and has nearly 200hp less.

590 @ 5400 rpm
640 @ 4600 rpm Torque (lb-ft)

and the ferrari
1996 Ferrari F50 GT - Images, Specifications and Information
Power 750 bhp / 560 KW @ 10500 rpm
Torque 384 ft lbs

DbR9Capacity: 6.0 litres
Power: approximately 600 bhp
Torque: > 700 Nm

torque is king in racing... Even audi knows this along with Aston Martin
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