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In collaboration with Team-integra.net

Sponsored by TunerPlayground.com

The 2009 TI Gathering hosted on Treasure Island

In the San Francisco bay area!!!

Where the bay come's to play!!!

Yearly we host one of the largest central California car meet's and we are returning to the San Francisco bay area for one day only !!!

When: June 20th 2009

Where: Treasure Island Ca Located in the San Francisco Bay area

Time: 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Directions: I80 (Bay Bridge)

when exiting onto Treasure Island follow the road around Yerba Buena Island.

Once you enter the island at the navel Station Entrance.

Take Avenue Palms To 6th Street.

Turn Right Follow 6th St to Avenue B Turn right at dead end this is Avenue B.

Follow Avenue b 1/8 Mile we will be located on the left you can't miss us.

We would like to make this one of the biggest and best shows of the summer.

This is a open event and all guest's are welcomed to this admission's free event.

We hope to see you at the meet and we hope to have all of the bay area involved!!!

Please check out TICARSHOWS.COM for all the information please remember if your going to show at this event you must register through this site.

This is where you register and where everything takes place please visit soon...

Check some of last years photos here TICARSHOWS.COM

and on TunerPlayground


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whats up guys

let me introduce myself im frank founder of TICARSHOWS.COM

just so you know Team-Integra has a hand in this event but they are not promoting the event nor are they judging or running this event there actually going to be gusts just like all the forums

i just want everyone to know that on our website you can view everything going on and it is all going to be on the up an up under the new promoter

also to the person who has this thread up (HARRY) can you add our newest sponsors banner to the first post thank you so much below is the banner

for registration information visit us at TICARSHOWS.COM
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