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Thanks for the detailed reply. Sorry that it took me so long to respond. My car is factory manual transmission so no change there. I am gonna keep this 1.8l so i guess now it is just a matter of what i can do to gain some power. It is stock other than the intake. I love this car. I bought it bc it is a coupe...my previous gen civic was also an Ex coupe with the 1.6l engine and also manual transmission. This one is more fun to drive, feels a little more torque grunt low in the rpm range compared to my last civic. I bet your car screams man. With 200 horses, this car would be damn quick because these coupes are small and light.

If you have time...could you layout how you added your super/turbo and what kind of power it makes? Would love to boost mine as well. Thanks for your help bro.
What do you mean by layout?? My car has alooooooot of mods it’s extremely far from stock. The only thing original is the doors.
"The New Guy" In the market for a FA5. Joined to see whats out there and learn more about the 8th gens.
I'm new here I have a 2014 FA5 SI It's the first Honda I've owned and love it. I'm here to learn more about the Si and to get info on it
I'm new here I have a 2014 FA5 SI It's the first Honda I've owned and love it. I'm here to learn more about the Si and to get info on it
Sorry just realized I'm in the wrong generation forum
I want to see the front end of your car please. Giving me ideals. Also what front bumper is that??
sorry ! i dont have any pics on the computer currently.

but its a rep J's racing front bumper. you can get it on vividracing.com but i got it off cfspec
Hello! Just picked up a one-owner, zero accident, FL car completely stock 2010 Si coupe with just under 200k miles. Paid $3,300 which I thought was decent. It has the upgraded leather seats, which are unfortunately torn.
We are a Honda family as between my bf and I we own 3 CRXs (hence the name!) One is RHD from Japan, 1 Si, and 1 HF with a B18 swap we did ourselves), my daily is a '22 Si with a KTuner, and we have a very nice (read: wealthy) friend who owns 15 cars and lets us borrow his '16 Type R (is in the pic below). I had bought a '03 Si (EP3) last year with intentions of using for autox (I put 200tw tires on it) but I only raced it once and sold it a couple of months ago. (This FG2 is a lot more fun than the EP3 was.)
Getting back to the FG2, it needs some TLC, as the right rear tailight has a couple chips (probably going to get smoked ebay lights), AC is only coming through the bottom vents (maybe an actuator?), seats need to be redone (bf wants to keep them leather), nav screen is not in great condition (he wants to keep stock, is a bit of a purist).
I'm getting my professional detailer to polish/buff it as it looks like it has hard water/sprinkler damage to the crystal black paint. My bf already wet sanded the headlights which look a lot better.
Looking forward to getting ideas and knowledge about this gen.
(One CRX is in the body shop and another is in the garage...too hard to get allllll the cars in one photo!) 😆
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Greetings everyone. Just joined as "8thCivic.com" seemed to get the most returns as I was searching for a forum. After months of searching and patience, not to mention being in a seller's market for used cars, my 17 y.o. just picked up a bone stock FG2 with 179K. He saved $$ from the last couple summer's jobs. Plus, he & I had a side gig cutting grass for the past 3 years. So, we squirrelled away enough cashola to nab a Rallye Red '06 Si. She's got a few dings but the drive train is tight and no rust! We've already started father-sonning our way toward getting 'er refreshed. My vision is to keep it as OEM as possible. His vision? For now, his vision is my vision. Looking forward to it!
Hello everyone! 👋 I own a Honda Civic Hybrid FD3 for over 10 years now and still very happy with this car. Did some modifications, Hybrid battery-pack rebuild, total engine rebuild, air intake, big brakes install at front, Android radio, adjustable coilovers, black LED mirror lights, blue wideview mirrors, and more.
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Hi there, I just bought this beauty... I am falling in love with it. Today I was making full deep clean of EVERYTHING except the engine, gave it a ceramic coating and had my dog enjoy the Japanese ingenuity.
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Fawn Grass

I was washing it for 2 days, tommorow I'll clean the exterior and make some nice photos. It has 390tkm so it is something else. Made in Japan <3 Bought it from the 1st owner, was parked in garage and half the kilometers are from highways. Nice to have a forum like this! I need to do the AUX port install too, thats how I found this forum. Thanks for having me!
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Greetings from the PNW. Bought an 08' Hybrid from a dealer, new... do (sort) regret this because it took over 10 years to be removed from their spammy mailing list! grrrrrrr .....but I digress! Currently has ~190k, is on battery pack #2, just had the 2nd set of plugs installed. My DW commutes to work and the shortest was ~25 miles, one way... this is her commuter and currently gets ~38 MPG. Was mostly bulletproof till 6 months ago and I'll be starting a new thread, in the Hybrid area, to address more issues that have arisen.

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Hi all,

Im new to this so please bear with me.

Iv been driving over 11 years but only recently decided to get more involved with my vehicle.

I currently have a Honda Civic Mk8 2007 1.4 petrol FK1 Silver car. Please correct me if i should give any further information.

I'm looking to invest in my car and take care of it. Its in good condition but it looks a bit boring and I want it to really look like something i can be proud of, rather than giving Prius vibes. Love the car but want it to look great!

My question is can you please point me in the right direction to parts/mods that can initially make it look great cosmetically? Then offer to advise in terms of improving performance etc.

Im a quick learner bu do need your help.

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Howdy, I just picked up a 2008 LX and joined to contrib to this community and get some guidance as well. Thank you!
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Hello everyone, I've owned my 08 SI that I bought off a buddy for 2 years now. I went with my buddy back in 2008 to pick up this car, four years ago my buddy parked it in his yard when he had no use for it. The interior was completely moldy. I put new door and trunk seal on it, I've redone the interior with SR3 Recaro black Alcantara with red TomCat seats, matchin back seat modified recaro shape headrests, TypeR NSX Corsa Momo steering wheel, red carpet, red floormats, red seat belts, red tenth gen shift knob, 2011 door panels with red Tomcat incerts and black Alcantara arm rest\window switch surrounds. Performance wise tune, custom one off header, custom one off exhaust, AEM intake, HD clutch with aluminum flywheel, upgraded engine\transmission mounts, Hybrid short shifter, Hybird clutch master and Hybird shifter bushings. Car is sitting on AP1 Wheels with 25mm spacers. I got Spoon Mirrors on it currently, outer JDM taillights and roof spoiler installed too.

System: Pioneer touch screen, Pioneer Carrazaria rear shelf speakers, Infinity 3 way components in the front, for now 10" T3 Rocker Fosgate sub in ported box with 3 rocker fosgate amps.

I've been collecting parts for over a year and half now to do the TypeR front end with Mugen lip, Mugen RR sideskirts, TypeR rear bumper with Mugen RR lower valance, TypeR trunk with Mugen RR wing, TypeR FD2 Wheels, JDM HID headlights, Fenders, J's Racing carbon fiber hood, M&M front\rear tow hooks, and all the badges. I'm ordering a carbon fiber roof to do the sunroof delete and drop some top weight this week. I got a ton more parts for this conversion. Once everything is in my buddy and I are going to repaint the whole car in a custom version of Fuji Blue and custom clear coat to match for the carbon parts. My buddy JRod and I are going to build a J's style Mugen RR exhaust using the Greddy Ti exhuast with a verible valve inline. We might even do a full RHD swap if I can get my hands on a front half cut TypeR and look into possible doing an AWD swap, but those are later on.

I'm looking for a used CT Engineering SuperCharger with everything if anyone has one they are willing to let go please hit me up

Keep a look out for the HFP lip kit, SI spoiler, & SI Wheels for sale.

Thanks for reading my build, I will keep you all up on it as it progresses.
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sorry for this blurry pic my phone camera screen is cracked!
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Hello all. I got my 06 a few months back. It had some minor issues from the heat of the heat of the Florida sun, nothing major. It’s cleaned up rather well. I found the site when searching for some answers on a few items, lots of good info here!
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Hello all. I got my 06 a few months back. It had some minor issues from the heat of the heat of the Florida sun, nothing major. It’s cleaned up rather well. I found the site when searching for some answers on a few items, lots of good info here! View attachment 247797
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It had a lot of dried sap from pine trees on it and headlights were yellowed, removed the sap and light polish on the headlights. Looking much better. Also replaced the upper gauge cluster, heat damage had made the Speedo and fuel gauge completely unreadable.
Hello, my names Rob Gusto, own 2008 FG2. I'm the 2nd owner, with only 145000 kms on it. Bone stock atm. Will take some pics soon.
Not sure If Im posting this in the correct space or not but here I go. Hello Im kinda new to the whole Honda owner/car mod scene. Bought my 08 ex with 1.8 engine and automatic transmission about a year ago. So far Ive tinted my windows painted my rims and polished my headlights. I did attempt some minor body work with limited success at best but Id try it again lol. Basically Im here to learn not to teach, im suoer new to this stuff. Oh I should add Im very interested in adding an after market exhaust and intake. I have ordered a hondata and it should be here any day now so Im very serious about working on improving this car and I plan on keeping it as a project/hobby car for many years to come.
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