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2010 Civic Si coupe
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Hello! Just picked up a one-owner, zero accident, FL car completely stock 2010 Si coupe with just under 200k miles. Paid $3,300 which I thought was decent. It has the upgraded leather seats, which are unfortunately torn.
We are a Honda family as between my bf and I we own 3 CRXs (hence the name!) One is RHD from Japan, 1 Si, and 1 HF with a B18 swap we did ourselves), my daily is a '22 Si with a KTuner, and we have a very nice (read: wealthy) friend who owns 15 cars and lets us borrow his '16 Type R (is in the pic below). I had bought a '03 Si (EP3) last year with intentions of using for autox (I put 200tw tires on it) but I only raced it once and sold it a couple of months ago. (This FG2 is a lot more fun than the EP3 was.)
Getting back to the FG2, it needs some TLC, as the right rear tailight has a couple chips (probably going to get smoked ebay lights), AC is only coming through the bottom vents (maybe an actuator?), seats need to be redone (bf wants to keep them leather), nav screen is not in great condition (he wants to keep stock, is a bit of a purist).
I'm getting my professional detailer to polish/buff it as it looks like it has hard water/sprinkler damage to the crystal black paint. My bf already wet sanded the headlights which look a lot better.
Looking forward to getting ideas and knowledge about this gen.
(One CRX is in the body shop and another is in the garage...too hard to get allllll the cars in one photo!) 😆
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