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For years we have been posting the dyno graphs from just about every tuning session we've had. The reasoning is simple: you deserve it, we are proud of our work, and we feel that a resource for dyno graphs has helped us learn by repetition the setups that do and do not produce desirable results. For years we have added to our collection of graphs and recently found that we have added over 700 dyno graphs and setups to our forums.

Along with many other things, we have been focusing on the simplicity and functionality of our web site and we were forced to re-evaluate our dyno graph section. Needless to say, the unorganized jumble of graphs led us to the conclusion that something needed to be done. After all, the dyno section is the third most popular section of the site after the home page and online store...

Get the full story here!

Check out the new dyno database here!

See just the 8thGen Dyno Graphs here!
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