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You guys probably saw the new spy shots. Do you think that this is an EX or Si? I hope not. I have a feeling that this might be the hybrid because of the TV in the middle, like the PRIUS.

I hope the EX & Si would have a all leather interior and Start Button like its European Sibling, with the crazy sun roof and Auto AC. if it has that, I am buyin the 06 CIVIC EX.


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to be totally honest -... and this is just a guess, BUT, I think that the latest pics might be of the hybrid. But that is just my guess. Something that I noticed is that the car has some type of alloy wheels or whatnot. It could very well be the EX version with navigation? Who knows if they will have leather as an option in the non-SI versions let alone SI versions.

When I talked to a source, he didn't mention anything about leather - unless it's a standard feature on EVERY SI. The only options he metioned were summer tires/ and nav. He said you could get the SI in 4 versions.

with nav
without nav
with nav and summer tires
summer tires only.

those were the 4 variations mentioned only. Nothing else was said about seats/leather etc. So it could be that it is standard? Or that they won't even offer it.

note the alloy wheels too. I don't know if these will be standard on the hybrids, or if they will use hubs. Note - the current hybrid doesn't use that type of nav screen. All it has is a little info area near the spedometer. So it could be an EX with nav?

what does everyone else think? I don't know.
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