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When: October 24, 2009
Where: The DC metro area
Why: To try and make this one of the biggest 8thcivic meets this year.

After seeing two NE 8thcivic meets take place i want to try and see if we can have something similar here in the mid-atlantic. starting to plan this bish now so we can pick out a date everyone can agree on or at least start planning to have these certain days off.

what im looking to do for this meet is during the day we would metro into DC and go around the to different monuments around the mall. i personally dont take advantage of it being in my backyard enough so why not have some fellow 8thcivic peeps come along and take over the nations capital. might be looking to add another event for another day if people are looking to spend an extra day down here. like most of the meets where people come out of town ryan (ryryninja) will be getting discounted rooms at a certain hotel in the area.

the day we tour DC i was thinking of metroing back to the hotel sometime before or after 5 so everyone can re-group and what not before we head out to dinner. ryan and i thought of having dinner at a buffet style restaurant. it is actually quality meats severed (and you can kind of guess why i titled the meet thread the way i did.) at the restaurant so its pricier than a normal restaurant (actually heard of the restaurant from another member and it cost more than your normal sit down restaurant but ill call them to confirm the price) here is the restaurants site: Texas de Brazil if it seems to be an issue with most people we can change the location.

Topics that need to be discussed:
- one day (come in fri, meet saturday) or two days (come in thurs or fri and have activities for the next two days after coming in town)
- what people are wanting to do if we add an extra day
- dinner if everyone is ok with the location and spending the amount of the money it costs.

Meet Rules:

-No acting like a jackass while driving
-No unwanted attention
-No burnouts


Pricing: TBA

Reservations Made As of __/__/__: (nk= non-smoking king | nnd= non-smoking double)


break down of the weekends events (if we were to have just one event during the weekend)

friday 10/23/09
-check in
-chipotle (dinner)
-top golf
-back to hotel to chill maybe some wii or ps3
-late night trip to ihop?

saturday 10/24/09
-pre-meet (time ??:?? am leaving at ??:??, place tba via pm's)
-metro in to DC
-could travel as one whole group or split up into smaller groups and walk around the DC mall.
-lunch would totally be up to you and what you feel like doing
-leave for the hotel at a certain metro stop and head back to the hotel to re-group for dinner
-head out to dinner by ??:??
-once dinner is finished head back over to the hotel to continue the party there

sunday 10/25/09

1. rippars
2. ryryninja
3. fbfg
4. 8renovatio8
5. wufather (one day meet) (+1)
6. bluesi4
7. fligl2003
8. dt07Si
9. dubtek3060
10. 06 civic ex
11. m1k3y
12. [email protected]y
13. nomar06
14. hondawhore77
15. 07lx
16. drivelikeyoustoleit
17. ethlar
18. qshooter151:shadyhat:
19. xtreme thunder (+1)
20. carnut4eva
21. 00celica
22. 91eclipsegs
23. siracergrl
24. wanga
25. theblackstar
26. aznnyteryder
27. whtciv2k
28. vtak07 & mugenx9 :haysmiley:
29. civic98turbo

1. geezersi
2. twistedframe
3. jrotax101
4. akai6 (24th)
5. atruhondagrl (package deal to come along with nat)
6. thajazz
7. sacrificetheory (17th)
8. nhbfa5
9. solo8thgensi
10. r3v
11. fox
12. 1slosichick
13. 1slogtsguy
15. naboisimo
15. hkygrl2
16. fdcivic23
17. getxerxdone
18. tekken2k
19. jdog_si
20. sik enthusiast
21: gonzo
22. civic06sir

Metro operator:
1. jasonandre

discuss nao bitches!

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We need to figure out how to make this TOP GOLF **** work.....

i really wanted to smack some bawlz that night hahahahaah :hayinout:

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add Will to the list too.. he better figure out how the **** to insure off days for this otherwise we gonna **** on his purpul plane lol
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