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I have started it in honor of our good friend Jeremy Beltran (mad monkey)... Handsome, ain't he?! He's single ladies :eyebrows:

He even looks good on his bad days...

If you appreciate Jeremy in any way or just wanna join, let me know!
Post your name w/ handle and I'll put you down.
Your club name shall be determined by my stereotypical and personal perspective views of you.
It's all fun and jokes, so no one should get butthurt.
BTW I took the honors of writing down the names who would anyways... :D

The Members/Occupations:
1. The Awesome President/HID guy/Owl: Clyde (ClydeFG2)
2. The Mascot/Vietnamese Coffee Whore: Jeremy (mad monkey)
3. The Habibi/The Camel: Mo (mohouse)
4. The Mad Monkey's wife, "Angry Monkey" - Heidi (BeautifulEM1)
5. The Hitman/Babyface: Tom (to177SI)
6. The Godfather: Big Ant (down4anything)
7. The Human Meat Shield/Dog eater: Harry (Harry)
8. The Oompa Loompa/Village Idiot/Target practice: Tahsin (ineffableturbo)
9. The Cave Man/Village Failure: Brannon (tucker89)
10. The Hostage Transporter: Robert (obert)
11. The Horny Loan Shark (would take sex as payment): Francis (Honda247)
12. The Civic Express Courier: Mike (mikey6p)
13. The Debt Collector: Cornell (Cornizzy)
14. The Drunk Triad/Town Drunk/Drunk Traffic Enforcer: Lil Ant (badbuddha88)
15. The Gardener/Vato/Photographer: EJ (locoej)
16. The Afro Man: Angelo (itsAngeloDC5R)
17. The Rice Pickers/Beer Runners/FOB Squad/Asian Invasion/Ho Chi Minh's Nephews/MY PEOPLE!: Quyen, Huy, Long
18. The Cholo: Daniel (DJTzD)
19. The Liar: RJ (JT*FG2)
20. The Factory Freak: Ku (Bboy_burst)
21. The Spooling Mexican: Armando (si vtec)
22. The Angry Teddy Bear: Miko (MIKKOO)
23. The JDM Panda/Womens' Manual Driving Instructor: Kim (PandaEM2)
24. The Blonde: Ashley (8thsiiigirl)
25. The Jealous Girlfriend/Crazy Woman Driver: Dezi (dangsta)
26. The Hyper Chick: Christie (Satishi575)
27. The Dude in Tight Jeans: Vinh (vtekin)
28. The Next Yao Ming: Ha (geonice)
29. The Metro: Khanh (superKHANH)
30. The Silent But Deadly One: Andy (speedstyles408)
31. The Nutter Butter: Aaron (sk33ny)
32. The Little Dim Sum Girl: Tiffany (immortalxlove)
33. The Kansas Chainsaw Massacre: ErichPryde
34. The Filthy Cabana Boy: Steve (Ruthless909)
35. The Flaker: Romy (Paradox Lost)
36. The Latino Heat: Alex (younglexx)
37. The Rooster : Moe (ayeyomoe408)
38. The Creampie Surprise: Harry (armyguy919)
39. The ****: Tony (TonyFG2)
40. The Homosexual Gladiator/Corrupted Cop: Marius
41. The White dude with the beard: Gordon (full.circle)
42. The Loud Mouth/Smoker who never quits: Chris (bombichris)
43. The North Bay Tutor/Name whiner: Toan (sirosenthenorthbay)
44. The Amigo: Aaron (GreyK20)
45. Tiu Nia Ma Chow Hai - Ken (Kentoneseboi)
46. The Newb - Ed (summerview)
47. The Camel Humper - irockster
48. The Town Pedobear - JDMDC5
49. The Enduro Victim - Ryan (SiRyan)
50. The Butcher - Butch (tite861)
51. The Little Tortilla Boy - bossman
52. The Human Cop Radar - Ozzie (JZA80CANNONBALLR)
53. The Forum's Newbie - Roland (Eclipsevietboi)
54. The Forum's ***** - 07asmFTW!
55. The Guy who's location is somewhere - bluek20z3
56. The Spooling Indian - Jazz (JAZZSTI)
57. The SRT-4 - Isaac (JDMjunKyFG)
58. The Penis Wrinkle - Oliver (olieebur)
59. The Intense Hemorrhoid - miketat594
60. The Tiny Man with a Large Pen!s - Xyl (08_Si_Sedan)
61. The Raging Sex Cannon - Sel (D10zShinigami)

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I have started it in honor of our good friend Jeremy Beltran (mad monkey).
For I am bored, and he is cool.
So post your real name w/ handle and I'll put you down!
BTW I took the honors of writing down the names who would anyways... :D

The President/HID guy: Clyde (ClydeFG2)
The Habibi: Mo (mohouse)
The Mascot: Jeremy (mad monkey)
The Hitman: Tom (to177SI)
The Godfather: Big Ant (down4anything)
The Human Meat Shield: Harry (Harry)
The Village Idiot: Tahsin (ineffableturbo)
The Village Failure: Brannon (tucker89)
The Transporter: Robert (obert)
The Executioner: Honda247
The Courier: Mike (mikey6p)
The Debt Collector: Cornell (Cornizzy)
The Triad/Town Drunk/Traffic Enforcer /w Bullhorn: Lil Ant (badbuddha88)
The Gardener/Strawberry seller/Photographer: EJ (locoej)
The Afro Man: Angelo (itsAngeloDC5R)
The Rice Pickers/Heineken Suppliers: Quyen, Huy, Long
The Cholo: Daniel (DJTzD)
The Liar: RJ
The Factory Freak: Ku (Bboy_burst)
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