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Well after a year and 4 months of lurking around and learning so much about the 8thgen

I finally decided to post a build thread

H-E-L-L-O Everyone!

Trying to keep it N/A.





New look (Added OEM Visors and Faves Whale Tail)

Engine Bay (Added ImportDPS Rick Spec'd Catch Can)

on 8/31/2011

Engine Bay

When I got it

After 8 months

After 11 months

How it sits now (16months)

2 months ago

1 month ago

Engine bay:)


Current mods are:

Performance: (pix soon drool content lol)

(Before I mention all my performance mods I want to say A BIG THANK YOU TO "STRATE L O S S" for giving me the best deal for my shiny mods and free install!)
Vee is the man!

RRC (Polished)
J35 TB (Polished)
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail w/Gauge (Polished)
Mishimoto Radiator (Polished)
Hybrid Shifter Bushings
Hybrid Rad Hose
RDX Injectors
Import DPS Custom Intake
Import DPS Custom Oil Catch Can
Skunk2 Alpha Header
Full Race Exhaust
P2R TB Gasket
P2R IM Gasket
Mugen Rad Cap
T1R Oil Cap
PWDJM Battery Relocator but using regular battery Strate L O S S DIY - http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/engine/261842-diy-full-size-battery-pw-jdm-relocate-kit.html


Polished Valve Cover
HFP Front Lip
HFP Rear Lip
Red H Front/Rear
Strutking Shift Boot
Blox Gunmetal Shift Knob
OEM FD2 Sidemarkers
6000k HID 9006
Yellow 9005
8000k Fogs
LED Interior
OEM Visors
Faves Whale Spoiler


HFP Wheels Powedercoated / Toyo Extensa
Tokico Shocks
Tein S-Techs
Megan Rear Tie Bar
Hasport FDSTK 70a

Future Plans:

Cams / Pistons
Stage 2 Clutch
Lighter Flywheel
Front/Rear Swaybar
Skunk2 Camber Arms
Big Brake Kit
HFP Side Skirts

Retired Mods

Injen Cai, AEM SRI, Password JDM Kevlar Intake, Invidia Q300, P2R TBS
Yakima Roof Rack - Sold
Enkei Rpf1 17x8 +35 / Falken Azenis 215/45/17 - Sold
Vibrant Header w/HFC

I'll try to update this every time I add stuff or take nice pix lol

Any suggestions, comments, criticism, questions, etc. are welcome :)

Random Pictures :)

While installing new cover (look at that shifter bushing :p)


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I think I know what it will look like :)

the fuel rail is HybridRacing my bro, not k-tuned :popcorn:
Whhooopss Just edited it :)
Hey man I'm waiting to get extra cash then I might get the Dog bone for extra bling :) I still can't forget what you told me when I was lookg at the mugen rad cap lol

How did you like the q300? I just got it, installing it this weekend!
It was good, but it drones on 70-80mph, you pairing it with what header ?

damn i wish i got aluminum rpf1s :( mine are black
Black looks nice man!

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not hard really.

take some pics I want to see what this goodness looks like :biggrin:
Okay cool. I'll see when I can come there, or maybe you can come here and I'll provide good food man! lol
I'll take a pics tom, busy today lol

No header yet, just Flash Pro.
IC.. ok good luck! You'll like the q300 ut you'll want more haha kidding

take a pic !
Yeah I'll do it tomo, did you finish your car yet ?
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