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the COMPREHENSIVE thread on NST (NonStopTuning) Pulleys

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It looks like we have threads popping up constantly with questions regarding pulleys.

So I decided to take some time to try and put up a good thread in which we can cover most of the topics that normally come up, FAQs, along with user reviews and data. This last bit (user reviews and data) I feel are most important... so pulley owners, PLEASE take a few minutes out of your very busy days and post your experiences with us in this thread. I am very confident that your fellow board members will find your reviews very very helpful.

First, I will post some general info regarding NST Pulleys, how they work, and why they help to free up power and torque.

Second, I will list some FAQs that have come up in past threads with info and answers.

Third, it is your job pulley owners, to post your first hand experiences, comments, and data with us.

Most of this data can also be found on our website, www. NonStopTuning .com, but I will post some of it here for your viewing pleasure!

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One question I have about the pulley is that on the lip of the idler pulley there seems to be 2 sets of about 5 very (and I mean very) small notches. Both sets are evenly spaced almost like it was grabbed with the teeth of a vice grip or tool of some sort, which I know is not possible based on the location. I haven't looked at the stock one yet so I don't know if this is meant for something or if not is this something I should be worried about? Aesthetically, I'm fairly sure you won't be able to see it so if its not supposed to be there and won't hurt anything I don't care.

Any idea?
The marks you are referring to are meant to be there. These are timing marks that are also visible on the OEM pulley. They are used for timing the engine should you need to replace a timing belt, rebuild your engine, etc. at some point in the future. High quality pulleys have these, and cheapo "copy-cat" pulleys do not!

Good luck and be sure to post a review here in this thread after your install.

I got my pulleys like 2 weeks ago, been mad busy but finally got to them today! It took me about 3 hours to get it done and took it for a drive. They are def smooth and u feel more pull! like this guy said nothing crazy, but worth it to me! U def have to grind down the ingalls torque dampaner bracket and the bolt head. i disconnected the altinator and used an impact wrench. As for the crank i used a breaker bar, wedged it and turned the car over 4 a split secong worked amazing! The air gun i had did not have enough impact on the nut. So far so good! Im sure i will have no problems.
Well, after months and maybe even years of being stubborn, I have done some research into the NST product and have decided that the NST pulleys are great quality, with proper machining and balancing, and just what we need for some of our customers.

Within 2-3 weeks we should have full stock on their parts. Most importantly we will have the stock size crank pulleys for your supercharger customers. :)
The marks you are referring to are meant to be there. These are timing marks that are also visible on the OEM pulley. They are used for timing the engine should you need to replace a timing belt, rebuild your engine, etc. at some point in the future. High quality pulleys have these, and cheapo "copy-cat" pulleys do not!

Good luck and be sure to post a review here in this thread after your install.

Just plain AWESOME!!! Simple install, quick and easy. Threw me a little since the crank pulley didnt have teeth like the stock one but a couple of taps with a rubber mallet and it went on without a problem. Also a little disappointed in Ingalls not being able to get the redesign correct to accommodate the new Idler Pulley, but 5 mins with an angle grinder fixed that.

In all, installation only took about an hour and a half going at a leisurely pace. Of course my car being at the Honda dealership today and my friend who is a tech using his special tool for breaking the crank bolt helped tremendously since I did the installation in my driveway

The difference in power is fairly noticeable but more than that these pulleys really lighten up the left side of the motor and compliment the lightweight flywheel really nicely. I have zero lag or bog like I originally had. The engine is always ready to spin up the rpms, and when you let off the revs hang for a little bit before decelerating. All in all fantastic mod for the price, simple to do and well worth it.
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Thanks again for the business Darren!
Not sure what you mean. I've never heard the pulleys. You are actually able to hear the pulleys while driving at high RPMs? I'm not talking about having someone reving it in neutral while you have your head in the engine bay. There are a lot of components under the hood that make various sounds and I would think something like the alternator would be much louder than the belt riding across the pulleys, especially with the "soft" belts that are used now days.
Well I hear them on high rpms because I have stock intake/exhaust. It's not wow I hear them, but with the windows up and stereo off ya I can hear a very slight metalic noise which I assume is completely normal because of the different design of the idler pulley? I can confirm what everyone else said about these pulleys it really smooth things out and the gain is on the entire rpm band. Nothing crazy, but a gain that is noticeable and I like it a lot. IMO these pulleys are the perfect mod for those who don't want to modify anything else and will sure help other mods also.
Thank you for the kind words everyone. Keep the reviews, thoughts, and comments coming. I love reading them and I am sure your fellow board members do as well. Nothing is better than a well informed, well educated, tuner community.

Finally had my NST kit installed, and the response of the engine is amazing now. Ive noticed its alot easier to spin the wheels off the car from a dig. I love it ... now I need some good sticky tires. Engine rev so much quicker. The OEM crank pulley weight is crazy heavy and holding that compared to the NST crank is huge difference. Honestly one of my most favorite mods so far just because of the responsiveness amazing.

Thanks NST
make more guys!! couldn't wait!! :laughing:
We'll have more available ASAP!!!
:1: thx!
I have a couple gray sets left!
More pics, reviews, and feedback is a must!!!

soo.. the kit doesnt come with the belt needeD?

what is the idler wheel for?
Anyone know if i can just change the crank pulley and underdrive all the accessories? including the alternator? would this be recommended? wouldnt this result in the greatest net gain as well?
From the FAQ in this very thread:

1. Will I need to buy a new belt if I am using NST Pulleys?
A. The NST R18 Kit does require the use of a resized belt. We list universal belt numbers on our website, please look for the correct belt number for your application and take this number to your local AutoZone, PepBoys, Advanced, etc. We recomment using Gates.

A. The NST K20 Kit is specifically designed for use with the OEM belt. You can use your OEM belt as long as you have a good, healthy, belt. Please remember that all belts are normal wear and tear items and should be replaced at roughly 50,000 miles.
i was hoping that the KIT, would come with it since ... you know it is a KIT. as for the belt goes, it only shows the belt sizes that i need if i get the whole kit. i was wondering what kinda belt i would need if i got the overdrive crank pulley so all the accesories slow down including the alternator.

Also what does the idle pulley do?
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