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Hey guys. I test drove an STi today, and think I'm going to be trading in the Si.

On that note, I will be offering up my 18" HFP rims with dunlop summer tires for sale to the midwest group to help pay a little down on my loan.

The set is used at around 6k miles or so. 3/4 rims have minor curb damage. These are in no way a perfect set of rims for that fact alone. I paid about 1100 for the whole deal. I'm willing to let them go for 750 cash or best offer.

ANY reasonable offer will be considered. They are currently sitting in my garage for the winter, if you would like pictures or to come check them out let me know and i'll do my best.

Please let me know ASAP.

Btw. STI = so much freaking fun.
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