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Temperature blocks at "H" BUT NOT OVERHEATING

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i have 2008 FA2 Civic, while driving today the temperature went right up to H. I checked for leaks none was seen, fans were working, coolant level was normal. took thermostat out, still reading at H. Engine check light came on, could it be the temperature unit? any feedback would be appreciated.

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Temp probe, wiring (short or break), or air bubbles. That's pretty much your choices. I'd start with air bubbles because it's potentially the most hazardous to the engine. Then I'd check your sensor because nobody likes tracing wires.

How's your engine running? Has your fuel economy dropped? (assuming from your post it's been like this a while and you've been driving it)

If you have any kind of scan tool you can verify your gage agrees with the ecu. Could point to a faulty cluster, but that seems unlikely.
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