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This thread has become one of the largest on the site. :woot:

Let's try and keep it an absolute goldmine for quality stuff.

A few basic guidelines will help everyone out in keeping this THE place for funny pics!

-Always post a pic when replying to this thread

-Keep personal replies personal! Send your appreciation for one person's contribution in a Visitor Message or Private Message, not to thousands of people that have to reload the page every time you bump it. This isn't a chat thread - all replies posted that aren't contributing to content are deleted to keep this thread free of clutter. Don't waste your time typing something out only to have it deleted - post it in the right place! People will appreciate your comments much more if they are posted personally.

-Try and have a bit of foresight when posting potentially offensive content. Racist stuff, nudity and overly tasteless stuff will be deleted - often with a warning or more. That said the thread is not considered work safe and people viewing it should have a bit more tolerance and understanding here. Not everything will be to your taste, let it go unless it's really really bad. If it's that bad, use the
report bad post button to alert the staff.

-Reposts will happen. It's inevitable. Relax, this is a fun thread! Post some more quality stuff up and report the post if it's a repost (quoting the original really helps your case here).

-Animated GIFs should be posted in the GIF thread (http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/water-cooler/43549-new-improved-gif-thread.html) and will be moved if posted here.

-Youtube or other videos should be posted in the Video thread (http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/water-cooler/79837-post-your-favorite-videos-here.html)and will be moved if posted here.


Post up random pictures that made you LOL.

1 - 20 of 19674 Posts
Not open for further replies.