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If you want my honest opinion - keep reading (This is what I do for a living) ..or completely ignore it, my feelings wont be hurt and Im not trying to hurt yours.

Gradients. Personally I avoid them at all costs especially in a logo. Logos need to look great wherever they are and in any size. If you scaled yours down to maybe something like 120 x 80 would anyone be able to see it?

2. Photoshop brushes. No. - but if you created those splatters in illustrator by hand then, great. Still not for a logo though.

3. The Warp tool. This is only good for making the noses on a friends picture look large and their eyes little. How cute! Everyone laughs.

4. That is way too much drop shadow.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh, but logo design is the single most important aspect of design for a company - team whatever. If you are promoting something graphically, you need a strong backbone.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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