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Well..here it is the first problem in 16,000 miles on my Civic. Whenever I go over a bump, I her a squeaking noise coming from what sounds like the driver's side. It is REALLY BAD on really bumpy roads and is quite audible on both the outside and the inside. I also have vibration issues when breaking and the steering is a little more wobbly than usual on the highway. --But that is the boring part.

I took it to the dealer, and the said that all of these problems are cused from the Si wheels on my car (which is an EX). They say that the brakes can;t handle the "larger" rims and they are off spec. They said they think the aqueak was the exhaust. I did not have time to stir up some **** that day, so I played Mr. Nice Guy....but I will be coming back with a vengeance later this week :lildevil:

What do you guys think????? These problems are annoying the hell out of me!
Who knows, the vibrations could be caused by the i-VTEC SOHC stickers..they are not spec AHHHHHH
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