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hey guys
realized there was an intro part of the site. so well here i am.

name is david D (don't nickname me as Double D cuz i hate it). anyway i drive a 05 Civic Coupe EX. And it already has a great history. What do you get when you add 2 accidents (both of which aren't my fault) with handbrakes that don't work and a loud transmission. You get my Civic.

CivicHottie5, I know how you feel about gettin an 05 tC ride crushed. Mine was almost totalled!

But my civic still looks nice.

i love my car cuz it saved my life. So i am going to keep my loyalty for Honda and gonna get the 06 Civic in the next 2 or 3 months...once i have enough money to pay for the new civic cash. I wanted the RSX but damn i wish i had the money for insurance on that thing!

I started customizing my civic with only one thing: Xenon headlights from PIT. Once I put those in then i realized that there was gonna be an 06 civic. And i am savin money for my new ride. Maybe the 06 Civic Coupe EX or Si.

i race stock against a few people i work with. I've beaten a 95 Accord, 2002 Corolla, and i've beaten a xB with Cold Air intake, cat back exhaust.



1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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