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Hey guys, I'm 16 and building my first car, a 2010 EX sedan. I am about to install a set of Raceland classic coilovers. It just so happens that upon taking the wheels off, I discovered that all 4 tires are totally worn out and sketchy to drive on. The timing is great however, because these old tires (Uniroyal tiger paws) would rub real bad with the 1-3 inch lowering. Any ideas for what I should do? I was initially thinking Nitto Motivos but I'm a bit concerned about those rubbing. (They seem a bit more low profile than my current tires but I still don't think it would work with the lower ride height). Idk much about tire/wheel sizing I'm more of an engine guy, but the size of the current tires is 205/55R16 91T if that helps any. Any suggestions for lower profile tires to go with a 1-3 in drop? (I have the stock 16" alloy rims btw). Also, what should I say at the shop when I ask for the new tires? Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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