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It is correct that the pillar garnish needs to be removed to fix the coat hook.

I've broken the driver's side coat hangers in both mine and my wife's coupes. On mine I used epoxy to repair the plastic that holds the spring. On my wife's, I simply replaced the pillar garnish ($60)because it was beyond repair.

Removing the pillar garnish is a rather lengthy process, some of the steps for a coupe are:

Fold down the rear seat if applicable.

Remove the rear tray covering the rear speakers.

Remove the rear tray extension (cover over the rear seat belt)

Remove the bolt holding the front seat belt to the B pillar.

Remove the small rectangular cover where the rear defrost power or ground is. Do not push/pull on the side air bag cover! It's very flimsy and isn't adhered to the pillar garnish well.

Pull back on the top of the rear side garnish to release the pins. You don't need to remove this panel completely but you need the space doing so provides to reinstall your repaired or new pillar garnish.

Just above where the seat belt bolt you removed is, there is a pillar pin the needs to be removed. Use a towel to cover the pillar garnish and smack it with a rubber mallet. Honda says to replace this pin but if it comes out in one piece you may be able to fix it like I did.

You should now be able to remove the pillar garnish. Some of the pins holding it in are stubborn but they will come out. Again, be careful not to push/pull on the side air bag cover.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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