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StrutKing - Pedal Set Group Buy!

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Group buy for the Strut King Pedal Sets ONLY.

manual set

automatic set


25 people needed for the pedal set and 20 needed for footrest group buy by June 12th. Price is $80 shipped each set & $35 for the footrest within the US and to Canada. All other countries ask us about shipping before.
If the slots are not reached by June 12th then the group buy will be cancelled. All payments must be received within 3 days of the end of the group buy or all payments made will be returned. Payments will be made once the slots have been fulfilled.

Pedal Set (Auto or Manual): $80 Shipped US & Canada
1. 06NaviEX (auto) - paid
2. aznives3 (manual) - paid
3. iluvmycsx (manual) - paid
4. andywho585 (manual)
5. ryanjacobson (manual) - paid
6. Way2Short (manual) - paid
7. ty77064 (auto) - paid
8. rahms9(manual)
9. emjay (manual) - paid
10. Cr8tive_leo (auto) - paid
11. Auroraboy (manual) - paid
12. truflip (manual) - paid
13. KitCSX (auto) - paid
14. J-Ro (manual) - paid
15. savcicEX (auto) - paid
16. JDoc (auto) - e-check pending
17. dboy (manual) - paid
18. Burrcold (auto) - paid
19. civicblu16 (auto)
20. PoLiShPrInCe(manual) - paid
21. damdam (manual) - paid
22. wing_gundam (auto) - paid
23. ejazz (auto)
24. jric1308 (auto) - paid
25. AbsoluteGG (manual)

Footrests: $35 Shipped (US & Canada)
1. NBPRudy - paid
2. 07si sedan
3. Nute07SiSedan - paid
4. Redleg06Si - paid
5. airportguy770 - paid
6. jballer187
7. inyong1988
8. fusionSi11
9. rippars - paid
10. jonesthewine - paid
11. 4_Door_SI - paid
12. drkcloud
13. Selektaa - paid
15. reaper702 - paid
16. powerbook76 - paid
17. e60.deluxe - paid
18. agnt004 - paid
19. aec13
20. trickyazn
21. Tim - paid
22. dukhunter20 - paid
23. 06_fiji_si_85
24. DumbasSi - paid
25. SacrificeTheory

Sales Tax applicable for TX residents.
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jric1308 said:
thanks for that....as if I'm not feeling stupid enough:pat:

That's okay, I was gonna go take a pic of my pedal upside down to make you feel better, that's all good.

.. okay, I can't resist..

Or draw a schematic... sorry.. I said I couldn't resist.. I'll buy you a coffee
^cute sig :redface:
Is that the stock brake pedal? how did you get it off?
It just 'peels' off.

Put a finger under the brake pedal, you feel the edge of the rubber on teh underside, then just 'peel' it away.
interesting....i want to do it but its too late
still haven't gotten mine yet either.. usps tracking ain't helping hahaha
Hopefully weekend will be nice to me.
J-Ro said:
*EDIT* And hang in there Karl... the anticipation will make their arrival that much sweeter :)
im so bitter right now. lifes not going too well and not having shiney new pedals isnt helping.. *sigh*
and wheres my CAI? i forgot im getting a CAI!!!!

USPS and CanadaPost are in a tag team to make my life miserable :(
Cr8tive_leo said:
I went outside and put mud on my shiney new pedals until you get yours.
aww your such a nice person...but can we get any pics of that?:pics:
jric1308 said:
...but can we get any pics of that?:pics:
Haha... jric calls cr8tive_leo's bluff! :eek:hsnap: :rotfl:
i'm definatley not going to get any schematics now..lol
gigity gigity!!!! post up pics of those muddy pedals!!!
the manual sets are suppose to have a drill bit packed with them, the automatic sets do not have a drill bit.
ok thanks for clarifying!
installed mine today!!...i wonder if i did it right....the gas and dead pedal you just screw it right into the plastic right?? the brake and clutch, remove the stock rubber pad, drill out the holes and screw them into the bolts?

anyways...crappy cell phone pic

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761 - 780 of 816 Posts
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