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StrutKing.com *Feedback Thread*

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We welcome all feedback responses here. Questions or concerns about orders or anything else!
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Toxis said:
StrutKing.com and don't even sell struts. Hmmm...
good question, we use to have some available for the RSX. We will be working on some for the Civic in the near future
Ordered a dead pedal on Friday and got in on Monday. Its so nice when internet vender's have things in stock. Now I just need a car to install this thing on.

Thanks for the fast shipping!

I ordered the pedal set from yall a few weeks ago. Fast shipping and great customer service!! I love the pedals, THANKS!! ^^
great product easy to install great service and price :thumb: :thumb:



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strutking has great customer service. fast shipping and a sweet looking dead pedal. looks hella OEM. This is great interior mod
bought my dead pedal about 6 months ago, loving it ever since... great sponsor!

A + fitment, A+ service!
Yep same with me.Bought my dead pedal a while ago and love it.:dancing:

Great service Strutking!!!:thumb:
hey i just want to say that i got my pedal in quickly and it looks and fits great!!!! def an awesome product and anyone on the edge of getting this do it, its a def must buy!
ordered mine today, when can i expect to see it?
expect to receive it by Wednesday
Have been very pleased with the quality and FAST SHIPPING they provide!
Very pleased with the service by strutking because I had an issue with the website and ended up paying the non-8thgen forum discount price for a dead pedal. He reimbursed me right away after I mentioned this to him.

Very good customer service, now I can't wait for the pedal to arrive (hoping for the fast shipping that everyone seems to comment on)

They have a sale on now with 25% off, ppl should jump on this now!
^^ i did the same thing got five bucks back within minutes
I am having a problem processing my information to purchase from their website. Do we get a forum member discount and then 25% off or just the 25% off? Either way I want to get the dead pedal I just can't process my info on their site.... Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind, You just have to set up an account... So I hope the 25% off is the correct price because that is what I am getting it for...
I had no issues when I purchased my dead pedal, shipping was fast, and the product quality is excellent.
You guys are AWESOME! I had a problem with one of the screws in my dead rest and they sent me another one within 2 hours of me emailing them. Thanks guys!
Finally recieved my pedal set today. Shipping to Canada so it took a long time (shipped Dec.4). But Great Quality!
fast a$$ delivery, great buy. Cheap discount!! woot woot.

one more thing, i ordered the shifter base bushing and there were six, i only needed three... did i do something wrong? or are the other three spare.
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