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stock Si Sub woofer and under tray

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Hello all, I pretty much know that even if i sold the car id be too lazy to part out and go back to stock, so im gonna clear out the garage....and spare bedroom. Id like to list it all in one thread but it seems i have to put suspension stuff under sunspension, engine under engine etc. I took the pictures like id be making a thread on another forum so if an item is in the wrong spot, well, sorry.

I do PayPal unless your local of coarse and ill eat the fee. The prices dont include shipping unless stated otherwise. If you see something you need and dont like the price, make an offer.
I dont know where to price some of this stuff but i got to throw a number out.

If you need a better picture of something let me know. I work Monday-Thursday 6am-4:30pm eastern. And sometimes Friday. So ill be shipping stuff at around 5, but i pass a UPS store and Post Office on the way home.

All used parts came off between 40k-50k. Car was garage kept and not driven in bad weather.

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