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Stock Amp Power output

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Does anyone know the stock power output from the amp to all the channels in an '06 Si? Thanks!
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Sorry, I should've been more specific. I meant to each individual channel. Any takers?
Yep I asked this as well but I have not been able to find any info. My guess is that the service department likely has a schematic that shows it and I'll ask when I take the car in to have the XM installed (and pick up my HFP wheels!!). I would guess it is a 6 channel amp with equal power to each channel. 2 channels bridged for the sub, front channels power the front 6.5's and the tweets, and remaining 2 channels for the rear 6.5in drivers. But that leaves the question of what power is coming from the HU and is it driving anything?
This thread has been EXTREMELY helpful to me, see what you can pull from it. Still, no one knows the stock amp output...


BTW, this is a great forum too! You can never get too much info!
Thanks, that was quite helpful. Just knowing what speakers the amp is driving helps. We know that the stock amp is not putting out 350W RMS, it is more likely the max rating. Also, note that the stock speakers ar 2 ohms. If you replace the speakers with aftermarket speakers you may want to try and find 2 ohm speakers. You can use 4 ohm speakers put they will be even more under-driven by the amp. My Infinity Kappa's are 2 ohm but I think I may try and find something that requires a little less power than the 90W they need.

I had never heard of CDTAudio before. Anyone have any input on them and their products (other than the reviews they post on their page)?
So what do you think of these things?

JLAudio Clean Sweep

Line Driver

Do they sound like good ideas?
I am SERIOUSLY considering them, as I am unimpressed by the stock sound system... that and I have a 700W Alpine amp and an Infinity Basslink sub from my old car also. I will of course be buying new speakers as well.
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There is a complete review of CleanSweep in the latest edition of Road and Track Road Gear that I saw tonight. In theory it sounds good but in practice I think it may be more trouble than it is worth. It requires using a separate volume control. If you accidentally hit the factory volume you will need to re-adjust the settings again. I KNOW that my wife will forget and grab the wrong control so that would be a headache. It makes sense that you would want to "undo" the factory equalization from the H/U since that is setup for the stock speakers. Sometimes I wish Honda would just leave all the stereo stuff out and give you a $500 credit so you could just put in what you want.
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