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2007 Honda Civic Ex 84000 miles. At first the steering would get stiff at times and return to normal but now it only feels normal for 10 seconds after I let the car sit for awhile after that it gets stiff. The power steering reservoir was recently replaced in hopes of this being the problem because the screen looked like it had some debris in it and the fluid was dark. I also put all new Honda brand fluid in. This did not solve the problem.The pump is quiet when I look under the hood. I put the car on jack stands to see if the steering would move smoothly without any pressure on it and it moves perfectly fine. It's also important to note that my power steering fluid has held steady at the correct level for a couple of weeks now. Also after making a turn the steering wheel rocks back to the center position.(but still ends up a little tilted to the right.) My steering used to feel light as a feather but now it takes some strength to turn. The power assist still feels like it's there, it's just not operating 100%.
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