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I'm sure it's possible. I put steering wheel controls into my non-steering wheel control equipped '02 Intrepid by adding the controls themselves and changing the 5-wire clockspring to a 7 wire clockspring.

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Sure looks like the part for cruise and audio is about $100US. I wonder if there's a harness there, and I wonder if you need anything else besides the switch assembly for cruise control & audio controls to work?

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OK, I found out the answer

Here's the DIY I found:

Yes i finally got it working! I told you I would get it to work even if i had to rewire the whole car. Here's what i did:
Ordered the following parts from the EX Model:
Steering Wheel audio controls ($78.32):
& The Wire Harness ($254.29):
Total of $332.61
Here's what i did to get it to work:
Audio controls installation:
Removed the Air bag from steering wheel
Removed the space holder plastic cover from the left side,
Removed the Cruise control switch, Now I the space ready to mount the Audio controls & the Cruise control Switch (It's one piece that's why you have to remove the existing cruise control switch).
Mount & connect the Audio controls & the Cruise control Switch, this is very easy to do because the connector is the same as the one you removed.
Connect the air bag make sure you screw in the appropriate screws and they're properly tighten. You're done with the control Switch!
Before you start Remove the Ground cable off your Battery!
Wire Harness Installation:
Lower & pull out the steering weel as far out and low as it could go.
Remove the top cover which is a snap out cover, the one on top the ignition switch, whiper switch, ligth switch, that TOP Cover, very easy to remove, (it snaps very easily) apply upward pressure to release it.
Remove the Audio/Cruise connector (The White 20 pin connector attached to the black plastic Reel spring cover) Your LX model should have seven color coded wires.
Remove the Radio from the dash board (Remember to remove the 2 screws that secure the radio from the bottom of the radio by the cigarret lighter) Follow the instructions on Page 4 on this pdf: http://collegehillshonda.com/instructions/8th_gen_civ_sedan/xmradio.pdf
Remove all radio connectors and look for the 20pin Grey connector that should have 6 color coded wires.
Remove the grey or black insulating tape that wraps all the cables for the GREY connector cables ONLY since you're going to cut them and pair them with the Grey connector from the EX wire harness.
Give at least 1.5inches of lag cable to the connectors before you cut them just in case you need to reuse them.
Cut the Grey connector from the radio side
Cut the White Connector from the steering wheel colum side
Now find the connectors both The White & the Grey on the Wire Harness and trace them to the other end by removing the black tape & the plastic protection. Cut all the wires from both end points and make sure you leave at least 7 inches of cabling. All cables should be color coded pair them accordingly and solder them. All Wires should be paired except for the 2 additional cables that are attached to each of the connectors.
Pair them accordingly to each en-point and solder them after you pair them. Use Electrical tape to cover each one of the open soldered points and cover all the cables nicely with more Electrical tape.
Do the same for both connector sides Grey & White.
Connect all end points and snap in all the covers (Don't forget the 2 screws for the RADIO).
And you're done!

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Yeah, the price on that wire harness is a bit killer :(

I mean I could do the work........doesn't sound THAT bad (it's just pretty detailed).......it's just that the thing costs over $300.

.........I found the wire harness for $238.80 from www.hondapartsdeals.com

.........and the controls for $64.80 from the same website.

Grand total = $303.60US + ship
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