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State of Stance meet! Sun May 30th

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U Anybody goin to the state of stance meet on Sunday may 30th @ Delray Beach
Im goin wit my bro n a fellow 8thcivic member alex that I met in a shop. .. if Anybody wants to go n Ride let me kno.. its free so hit me up 954-625-9891 or pm or just bump the thread...

Here's the link.

State of Stance Meet..Delray Beach, FL… Sunday May 30

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Is there anyone from the Greater Orlando area that is going to this? If so hit me up there is 5 of us from Melbourne area that are thinking about headed down there Sun or anyone that is headed out there from Greater Orlando area that is going hit me up so we can get a Car pool down there. let me know asap
I might go to this
looks fun wish me and my girl lived a little closer to miami and we would go.
Went to this today.. Was awesome, was a pretty good 8thcivic turnout too.. Gunna post photo's
Yea it was fun alot of really nice cars.
wow i wish someone wouldve posted this up in the tampa chat but it is what is....looks like there were plenty of nice cars :thumbsup:
that was on my bday yesterday and i was pysched to go when my friend that was taking me couldnt go anymore -_- but whatever my other friend went and he said it was amazing bbs rs left and right. dumped to the ground!
wtf i live in delray and i didnt know about this meet fml
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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