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Starting RI area Meets!!

Hey guys my friend and I are trying to get a car meet going in RI. We live in the middle part of the state. We are still looking for a good location where the cops wont kick us out every time we get together. I was going to talk to a few restaurants about using parking lots if we go in and give them business.

All makes and models of any year are welcome. All Japanese and European makes are welcome, and yes American muscle can come flex as well.

We have yet to find a location or time, but suggestions are welcome.

Rules: I know...I know...but if we want to have fun and keep doing this kind of stuff, we need to keep our names clean and untarnished by ignorant rice kids doing burnouts and racing.

1) No Burning out, or drifting, or racing of any kind. If you want to do that ****, do it in your own driveway. Street racing is illegal and dangerous...grow up and take it on the track, be a man....or woman about it.

2) No booze, or pot.That doesn't mean I will look for it, but if I see it, your out. The last thing I need is someone ruining this for everyone by being a dumb ass and attracting unwanted attention from cops...keep that stuff at home please.

3) There will be educated mechanics, and DIY guys, I understand that he has a fart can on his civic and thinks its fast, but its his preference and let him live with it. You don't need to point it out and make them look like idiots. You wouldn't want anyone to bust on your ride would you?....and No NETech grads or students, chances are you don't know as much as some of the DIY guys out there, so don't flex your certificate in oil changing and brake jobs, please and thank you.

4) If you have problems with someone, ignore it and be a man, this is an enjoyable event, and I wont tolerate people fighting over stupid ****.

5) If in the event cops do show up, this event will be permitted and legal, let me handle them. The last thing I need is ignorant children with a beef with cops getting beat down, and giving the rest of us a bad name.

6) This is a multi make and model event, if you have a problem with VW's or Honda's, or Mustangs ect....keep it to yourself, chances are you don't know a god damn thing about them, and your a hater. Ask the owner and learn about the car before you run your mouth.

Harsh rules right! not really, following them is child's play, and if you do, its that much more fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Kids will probably be there, so please watch your mouths around kids, and be polite to people who are not apart of the event.

We are thinking of starting it soon, lasting through the fall season, maybe some in the winter, but they will be scheduled on specific days and times.

If your interested in helping out or being apart of the meets put your make and model, suggested places if you want, and times most convenient.

We were thinking about Tuesday nights or Wednesday nights.

Also**I am starting a detailing business next spring, and I am going to have a shop with a big parking area, so I will be holding twice a year car shows and weekly meets, with food, and music and dealers for parts ect....all that takes time to get together so over the years it will progress.

RI needs more of this!!

Thanks guys!
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