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Hi there

Have a 2008 Honda Civic Lx.
For the past month and a half, the car has been stalling and sputtering off and on.

We had gotten a P0498 and P0135, and tried replacing O2 sensor, CMP sensor and cleaning the EGR valve

After the CMP Replacement, the car seemed to start running fine. (Though it actually started after I swapped the PGMFI and IG relays) After about a week of running without issue, the car started stalling again.

Whenever the car stalls, the hazard stop working as well. After the car sits for a while (turning over but not starting), the hazard lights will start working again, and at that point, the car will usually start again

Also, if I jiggle the fuse box around, I can get the hazards working again, and would be able to start the car at that point.

At this point it is looking like there is an issue with the fuse box.

Is there anything else I should be investigating at this point?


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