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Hey guys, just ordered these for my 09 EX sedan through Chris and wanted to give some impressions. I had to bust my ass to get the install done so I pretty much only have an after picture. I settled on a very mild drop:

Stock fender to wheel center distance: 14.5" all around
Finished fender to wheel center distance: 13.25" F/13.5" R with full tank of gas


One word- BRUTAL. I don't know if it's because I have an EX, but the whole thing was kind of a pain from start to finish.

Front was actually not bad; only hangup was compressing the springs and getting the strut nut off. I wound up having to run out and get a ratchet/socket set with a hole in the middle:

Shop Kobalt Xtreme Access 22-Piece Pass-Through Socket Set at Lowes.com

A cool feature at the front was the slotted upper bolt mount. You can dial in a decent amount of camber. I set it to the middle. I have no idea how much camber that is, but it looks about right.

Rears were the worst. Just going to run through the whole list of challenges I faced.

- Strut shaft threads were rusted.
- Sway bar link nuts were rusted.
- Rear lower control arm would not get low enough to let me remove or install the rear springs. So I had to use a spring compressor on the stock spring in the car, and then use a long piece of wood to pry the arm down to where I could fit the coilovers in.

Also, for some reason I cannot adjust the rear spring perch with the spring installed in the car.

Not an enjoyable experience at all but it was not due to the product.

Once I buttoned it up I took it on a loop for handling and ride impressions.

Handling Car feels good. A lot more planted. Steering feel is a little vague just off center- I bought ball joint extenders but didn't install them. It still needs an alignment as well. I will give it a couple of days and see if I change my mind. Chris said these are softer than other coilovers and they definitely feel softer than I was expecting, but given that this is a 100% daily driver I am OK with that. That is what I wanted. They are still stiffer than most lowering springs.

Balance at the limit is a little more on the understeer side than I like, but I think upgrading to the FB6 sway out back and the FA5 sway up front should help with that.

Ride quality
This is where these things deliver IMO. They ride really nicely. With low speed oscillations/impacts the car just tracks. There is no wasted motion. With high speed oscillations like shallow broken pavement they just absorb them with no fuss. Feels smoother than stock in that regard. My only gripe is with the "mid speed" stuff... sometimes the car feels like it's bobbing. But that is a minor minor gripe. Overall this gives you the best of both worlds... I could easily go lower and still have no problems, and even though the drop I chose is mild it has more compression travel which will help a ton with ride quality vs a spring/shock combo.

Overall I think it's worth it if you want to get lower and want better handling but prioritize ride comfort above everything else. If you prioritize handling I would go with the Tein offerings or the D2s as those have stiffer spring rates. Though I will really see what's up with the handling once I upgrade my sways.

Installation: 2/5 (Honda's fault, or user error... not ST)
Handling: 3.5/5
Ride: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Here is a pic:


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Hey chris,
If I buy these of your site with new top hats you have will that make the coilover complete? or is anything else needed so I don't have to compress the springs up and worry about them exploding?
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