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spark plug cover bolt

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I painted my valve cover a little while ago and when I was putting it back together I accidentally torked one of the spark plug tube bolts that goes through the spark plug cover then holds the spark plug cover on with an acorn nut. But I found the bolt a while ago and then I lost it and can't find it again. Does anyone know where I can get a new bolt? :sadbanana:
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Don't worry,just do it.I have done it.My car was 2007 Civic EX.I used to worry about whether there is something inside the engine.It proved to be very simple.14mm deep socket,a little presure,a little torque,counter-clock unscrew.Before that I gave some WD-40,but I feel you may not need it.And!The honda 4s tried to cheat me!They even sold me the gasket which hinted that I should open the engine.Bad guyes!
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