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Anybody in brasil drives a 2006 and up si
im from Peru, and i have a 2007 si sedan, built in brasil
Where are you from
Well...it´s not cheap, but yes we can. I have a Spoon Type-R header at my Si for instance.

But importing parts paying all the taxes here in Brazil is not cheap....for example, a Skunk2 Stage1 cam costs around US$500,00.....the price here in Brazil is around US$900,00 with all taxes included shipping not included.....to ship my 3" exhaust, I´ll to spent US$450,00)...
The same in here, in peru.
Small parts and up to U$100.00 pay no taxes but above that it isnt expensive.
I was trying to get a FD2 front end converision and it was expensive....
Fellow south americans (not much for sure hehehe) i had this question (i think Wakko can help me):

Finally got to buy my flashpro and im ready to install it.
The only thing is that Flash pro manager, when I choose Vehicle in the calibrations, is giving me 3 possibilities for the South american verision of the Fa5:
-FG2/FA5 Civic si 2006-2011 South America (M)
-FG2/FA5 Civic si 2006-2011 South America (P1)
-FG2/FA5 Civic si 2006-2011 South America (P2)

The first one is giving me only a stock cal, but the other two have identical calibrations (based on the name).
What are the differences between those????

Ive got this calibration from Flashpro Tuning:
- Injen CAI, Vibrant RH w/ HFC, Vibrant Exhaust
This is the closest thing to my setup but its for sure created for us cars. Would there be any issues in using this??
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You probably will have to adjust the fuel tabels.

Regarding the the 3 options you get, that´s related to your ECU part number: the brazilian ECU is (M) because it´s part number ends with with M11 or M12. And it´s the MAF calibration for (M) that have only the stock equivalente basemap....but all the MAP calibrations are there.

Theres no problem at all by using the calibration you downloaded....but at the calibration description (I´ve downloaded it to check it out), it says something about RDX injectors. If the calibration was made for those injectors, that´s the reason why you can´t start the car.

If you need anything, feel free to contact me.
Wakko, how are you doing?
Thanks for the help and guidance on the previous post.
I had some problems with my ecu and FP, but everything is good now.
Now im using this tuning from FlashPro Tuning

K&N SRI, Vibrant RH w/ HFC, Vibrant Street Power exhaust

I must say im very happy with the car results. Didnt go with the other cal because of the RDX injectors.
The thing is that locally (peru) theres people that tune with apexis, aem, haltech, but not onw that uses Hondata. I know they could help for sure and its only a matter of getting to know the layout and such. Right now im about to install a kiddracing header and a rrc manifold, do you know some cal for this?
How difficult would be to tweak my current calibration to work with this setup? Id like to learn myself but i dont have too much time.

Is there someone in brasil that con etune my car?

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1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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