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hey guys so after being dreaded with rattles on the door panel i decided to
do some sound deadening, after searching i happen to found an alternative to
dynamat and probly cheaper but you guys be the judge
so here it goes

so i went to lowes and found this product called peel and seal the whole roll cost 16 bucks i also look at the review and almost everyone was using them for there cars , also this stuff doesnt smell at all but beware though it leaves a sticky ugly residue but i found that goo gone or alcohol will clean it right off

so i take out my virgin door panel and cleaned the areas where i going to apply
the deadener

then i just go ahead and apply the film and its feels sorta thick and sticks really well also stretches , some people use heat to help stretch and rollers if you have one available also heat can help to adhere more to the panels , and i also use foil on the center area then apply patches of the film

cut the hole to where the retainers goes in
after i apply as much as i can i test fitted the door panel to make sure
it can go back on and sit flush

and now the door feels solid after closing the door and opening it
i also test the music and the rattle was gone!!! i can feel the bass hitting against my leg and the sound quality as improved
also after finishing the driver side door
i had more than enough to do the passenger side then i will be getting it some more to do the back doors and trunk follow by floor board
for 16 bucks it's a bargain

the whole roll is 6 inch by 25 ft and hope i help anyone and overall im happy with this purchase and this project i can now enjoy my music without the door rattling away

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Nice work! I also suggest a layer of closed cell foam and mass-loaded vinyl for sound "proofing" also between the door metal and door card. This will make it even better by helping to keep reverse waves from transmitting through the door card.
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