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Sony XAV-AX1000 Head Unit - Equalizer Settings?

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Does anyone have this head unit installed. I have been messing with the equalizer and still not satisfied with the whole thing with my stock speakers. It can peak really loudly and screech at the "s" and "e". Any one have a good general setting for it. On the head unit I play to about volume level 12 - 13 and that's when some songs, not all, peak badly.
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I'd recommend getting better speakers in your corners. I have a XAV-AX5500 and I paired them with rockford fosgate R165-S components and they play beautifully at high frequencies. As for if you want to keep your stock speakers (which I believe cost about 40$ a pair or something insanely cheap) and you don't want the peaking of the high frequency notes, on the equalizer move the high frequency sliders down and you will hear them amplified less. This means obviously the higher pitched noises will sound a lot softer and less loud but you won't get the clipping. Otherwise I would just recommend buying component speakers, they are totally worth the upgrade if you want decent quality sound, and look around, maybe my R165-s aren't the right ones you want, there are other affordable options that still improve the sound without being extremely harmful on your bank account.
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