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Just if you are wondering i have a G35 coupe and i posted a thread about getting an Si and leaving the G behind. I want to get the 09 Si coupe but i went to test drive an 07 Si at carmax because they wont let me test drive the Si with honda unless i do all the paperwork.

Well i get in the car with the Sales person and they drive out the car off the lot for security purposes and as soon as they drive off i cant wait to drive the Si i felt like a kid about to get a new remote car.

I Finally get in the car and i tell the sales person im like look honestly im going run it a little bit because i want to feel the acceleration and the performance of the car. So he is like oh snap let me buckle up at first he seemed a little skeptical but the guy was cool.

So i take off and i take it slow the first couple of gears and i have to say the car ran extremely smooth and it didnt have the 3rd gear problem and it did not feel notchy at all. So i make a right turn and i tell the person here we go im going to hit vtec and they ask me!!! WHAT IS VTECCC!!! I looked at them like as if they were an alien so a few vtec kicks later the guy is like do it again do it again. I couldnt believe it!! i was in shock but the guy was so cool with it he let me run the car back and forth. It was a crazy experience.

DUDE every since i test drove the Si i cant even think str8 even though i have a g35 it doesnt really excite me to drive it even tho its fast. I just want to hit Vtec as soon as i do the trade ill be opening up a thread and posting pics!!!!!!!!!
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