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Hi guys,

I got bored tonight and decided to make some small modifications to CT intake heatshield. Nothing dramatic but IMO may work, especially in a summer time. All i did, took a piece of polycarbonate, cut the right shape to cover the bottom of the heatshield, painted ( sorry for the crappy painting job), made a small mount, and that's it. It doesn't isolate filter from all the heat by no means, but i think it rejects some. Anyway, kept me busy for a few hours. It didn't cost me anything.. just found some left over plastic laying in a garage and a few bolts. I also have a NACA scoop as many of the members do around here. Thanks for looking.


I didnt really wanted to start a new thread and i dont think it deserves to be a separate one anyway. I recently ordered 2 P2R gaskets, throttle spacer, TSX throttle body and CRV intake tube. As soon as i installed spacer, I knew that it will be tough to use CRV tube with it. I really liked the idea of using slightly larger/fatter tube and i still use CT intake heatshield. As i installed all the pieces together, thats what the tube looked like.

Then i decided to see how i can lay it out so CRV tube will not be all smashed. Here is how i lay it out...

As you can see, there is a large spacing around the heatshield inlet now. I know, maybe there is really not much heat will come through there, but i still wanted to make something to reduce it a little. I went to Homedepot and bought one of this things. I really dont know what it is but its in a HVAC/ plumbing department. Cost about 5-6$

The rest is pretty simple and self-explanatory.

After that, hose lays down in its natural position and doesnt experience any pressure that causes bending. Here is how it all looks together

i know, its nothing big, but i thinks its a cheap way to somewhat effectively block the heat. Hope this info will help other members who are looking to use the same parts. Thanks guys

Plastic piece (with crapy paint job)

small extra mount to hold plastic in place

end result

and a scoop i used to have earlier as many of you do already.

Thanks to all. :wavey:

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Thanks to all. :wavey:

i just made this exact lower scoop today and i have to say from 40mph+ my throttle response feels slightly more responsive.

my scoop is slightly closer to the fog then yours though and is zip tied to the actual metal bumper farther back behind the grill so you can't really see anything unless you bend down and look inside. i figure the air is getting there anyway no need to have it kissing the grill.

also mines slighter further to the fog cuz i didnt wanna block to much of my radiator.
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